No website doesn't mean no votes

Washoe County, NV (KRNV & - A handful of candidates in Washoe County chose not to create a designated political website for their campaign, but that doesn't mean they won't receive some percentage of the votes tonight, Nov. 4, 2014.

"The only way to get money out of politics is to stop putting money into politics," says Robert Townsend, who is running for Washoe County Recorder.

As I (Madison Corney) was doing my research on candidates before casting my ballot this year, I found quite a few who didn't create a political web site to promote their platform. So, I reached out to some of those candidates to find out why.

"A political web site is what they want you to know about them as opposed to anything about them as a person. So, I decided I would link them directly to my job, what I do for the community and who I am as a person," says Chase Mckenna, who is running for Washoe County Public Administrator.

"I have limited resources and a business to run and actually go to court and go to trial so I've been doing that on the campaign trail as well," says Jonathan Hansen, who is running as an Independent for Nevada
Attorney General.

Though Hansen did not create his own website he did link himself to the Independent American Party website, which gives voters a better chance to learn about his platform, "What we're trying to do is establish the fact that we are a party that we do have candidates and that there is an alternative."

Then, there's a completely different approach, "I haven't spent one penny on this campaign apart from the filing fee," says Townsend.

Townsend is running for Washoe County Recorder and a Google search brings up a blank biography.

"I don't see any problem with Larry Burtness. He's probably the most qualified person for the job in Washoe County," says Townsend.

Townsend is no stranger to the Washoe County ballot, he ran for State Assembly District 25 in 2008 and 2010. This year the County Recorder position was calling his name. Townsend claims his home is being illegally foreclosed on and the issue stems from the County Recorder's Office, "The point is the job is broken and that needs to be fixed. I just wanted to see how many votes you could get spending no money on a campaign, so that's the point I'm making here."

While there may have been some money spent by Chase Mckenna, the fact that her father is a well-known attorney could play a role in the election results, "I think the name recognition is going to help, but to be perfectly honest, people are kinda polarized in this town when it comes to the Mckenna name. So, for as much as it could help there's also the possibility of it also hindering me."

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