NHP sued following trooper carjacking

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & - Two people are suing the State of Nevada, Department of Public Safety and the Highway Patrol Trooper was recently carjacked after a traffic stop.

David Nichols and Crystal Nichols are suing for more than $150,000 after they alleged the person that carjacked the highway patrol trooper stopped them and attempted to also carjack them.

The lawsuit says the carjacker, while in a stolen Nevada Highway Patrol vehicle, stopped the vehicle in the middle of Interstate 80. The carjacker, armed with a shotgun taken from the NHP vehicle, rushed the Nichols' vehicle and ordered them to get out of the vehicle. The Nichols' alleged they told the carjacker they had small children in their vehicle The carjacker then carjacked the vehicle directly behind them and drove off.

The lawsuit alleges the Nevada Highway Patrol failed to properly train Trooper Robert Nivarel, who had his NHP vehicle stolen. The lawsuit also claims the state was warned about troopers that were not properly trained.

The suit also alleges Trooper Nivarel failed to remove the keys from the NHP vehicle or lock the door and could have, "engage(d) a secondary safety feature which would have disabled the transmission of the NHP Patrol vehicle."

News 4 wanted to get Nevada Director of Public Safety Chris Perry's reaction to the lawsuit, but he declined saying everything will be handled in the courts.