New state park coming to Nevada after land transfer

Walker River is seen in this photo from May 2017 (SBG)

A vast area of land along the Walker River that for 152 years has been privately owned is expected to soon be transferred to the state to become Nevada's newest state park.

The newly minted 19-square-mile (49-square-kilometer) Walker River State Recreation Area is the largest single acquisition project ever for Nevada state parks officials.

The property has been in private hands since before Nevada became a state, but state officials earlier this week notified Gov. Brian Sandoval and the Board of Examiners that lawmakers will soon be asked to approve a conveyance agreement to accept the land.

The transfer of the land that will become the state park is valued at more than $8 million and comes at no charge to the state. The Legislature's Interim Finance Committee will consider the request at its meeting June 20.

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