Nevada Transportation Authority supervisor arrested for attempting to buy heroin

A Nevada Transportation Authority supervisor who has been arrested three times for DUI related charges, was arrested Wednesday, Feb. 15, on felony drug charges after he allegedly attempted to buy three grams of heroin from a Tri-NET Narcotic Task Force confidential source, according to a law enforcement officer.

Robert Craig Reasoner, 36, was taken into custody just after 3:45 p.m. in the 4500 block of North Carson Street for suspicion to violate the controlled substance act and offering or arrange to sell and purchase of a controlled substance, according to CarsonNow.

Each charge comes with a bail amount of $20,000.

Reasoner supervises compliance enforcement investigators at the Nevada Transportation Authority.

According to authorities, Reasoner was most recently arrested in January after crashing his state-owned Ford Explorer into a parked SUV. Officials determined that he had been arrested three times previously for DUI.

Tri-NET detectives met with the confidential source who said he could purchase heroin on the behalf of Reasoner, according to the arrest report.

Timeline of events

At 1:11 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 15, the confidential source met with Reasoner at 402 Corbett Street. During the meeting, Reasoner insisted that the source take him to the Wells Fargo Bank ATM at Highway 50 and Saliman Drive.

Reasoner obtained at least $160 from the ATM which he immediately gave to the source and instructed them to purchase three grams of heroin for him and his mother, the arrest report states.

During the conversation, Reasoner directed the source to get a Sharpie and place an "R" on the two grams that belong to him in the event that he, Reasoner, was not at the residence at the time the confidential source returned with the heroin. The conversation was heard by the Tri-NET detectives via an electronic transmitting device, according to the report.

At 2:44 p.m., under the direction of Tri-NET detectives, the source called Reasoner and told him they were at a predetermined location.

At 3:10 p.m., Reasoner and his mother were seen leaving 402 Corbett Street toward the predetermined location. Seven minutes later, Reasoner drove past the location, made a U-turn, and headed back towards the set location.

At 3:19 p.m., Reasoner drove through the parking lot of the meeting location and examined every car in the lot. He eventually stopped in front of the business and opened the door and looked inside the restaurant. He was then immediately placed into custody by Tri-NET detectives with the assistance of Carson City Sheriff’s Office Special Enforcement Team and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Street Enforcement Team.

Deputies believed that Reasoner was under the influence so police conducted standardized field sobriety tests on Reasoner and he showed signs on impairment during the test.

Reasoner was booked into the Carson City Jail on charges of: DUI Drugs (3rd offense), Department of Alternate Sentencing violation, conspiracy to violate the controlled substance act and offer, agree or arrange to sell controlled substance.

Department of Business and Industry Director Bruce Breslow tells News 4-Fox 11 that he fired two Nevada Transportation Authority supervisors as part of this investigation.

Reasoner's direct supervisor, Michael Bradford, and Deputy Commissioner Schneider were both fired on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

Both Bradford and Schneider were "non-classified" employees, meaning that they could be fired at-will. As a "classified" employee, Reasoner is allowed an appeal process before being terminated.

Breslow confirmed that Reasoner is on paid administrative leave as the Department of Public Safety investigates.

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