Reno neighbors speak out after witnessing deadly shooting of 20-year-old man


As police investigate a shooting that left one man dead Wednesday morning, witnesses are now coming forward to share what they saw.

The shooter has already come forward to police, but they still haven't made an arrest in this case. Now, many of the people who live on Lake Street are standing up for the victim to try to set the record straight.

"One guy stood over the other guy and said, 'You brought this on yourself and you're going to die like a dog in the street.'" Clyde Bromaghim watched the shooting unfold just after midnight on Wednesday. He said he considered intervening until he saw the situation escalate.

"And they stood over that kid and they shot him until he died." Jocelyn Meek told the same story, describing the moments before 20-year-old Anthony Herrera-Mejia died.

All of the witnesses who spoke with News 4-Fox 11 said they saw at least two people in a car stop in the middle of Lake Street between 6th and 7th Streets. They said that's when a confrontation ensued.

Diana Richardson said, "I heard some commotion as if there was fighting." She said her 10-year-old daughter witnessed the entire shooting as well. "There was the first gunshot... we thought it was over after that."

But Richardson described watching the shooter turn around and stand over Herrera-Mejia before firing several more gunshots.

The Reno Police Department still hasn't released many details about the deadly shooting, but most witnesses said they heard at least 6 or 7 shots.

"Multiple shots," Clyde Bromaghim said. "Overkill is the word I heard."

Authorities said the people in the car left Herrera-Mejia bleeding in the middle of the street and drove themselves to the Reno police station to provide a statement. Officers said those people involved in the shooting are cooperating with police. The Reno Police Department has not made any arrests in the shooting.

Meanwhile, friends and family are mourning the loss of the 20-year-old man who lost his life.

"The emptiness he leaves for us-- unspoken." Deana Connelly's son, Ryan was best friends with Anthony. "He was kind, considerate, sweet, gorgeous."

Ryan Connelly was shot to death in Reno five years ago. Deana described Anthony as an adopted son and said the grief she feels this week is all too familiar. "I lost it. I couldn't breathe."

Now Deana says she'll fight to find answers about the circumstances surrounding Anthony's death, just as she's done for her own son. "We're going to get justice for him. And Ryan. We're not going to stop fighting."

This is at least the 13th deadly shooting News 4-Fox 11 has reported on in Reno so far this year. Police still haven't provided updates about arrests in at least 10 of those cases.

Our staff has reached out to the Reno Police Department multiple times over the past month to try to confirm how many homicides they've seen this year, but they have not provided us with the information we have requested. We will continue to follow up with police to try to bring our viewers those statistics.

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