Mile markers placed along the Truckee River to help better navigate

mile markers.jpg

One Truckee River, along with the cities of Reno and Sparks, will be installing mile markers along the Truckee River beginning April 25.

Dignitaries from both Reno and Sparks placed the first mile marker on the dividing line between the two cities at Fisherman's Park off Galletti Way.

Installation of the mile markers will assist the recreating public as they spend time along the river path, providing location guidance every tenth of a mile.

Additionally, should an accident occur in or along the river, the mile markers will serve as emergency locations. A specific number is displayed on each marker, to be relayed to the 911 operator in an emergency.

The creation and installation of the mile markers is a collaborative effort between One Truckee River and the Reno and Sparks fire departments, specifically the Water Entry Teams.

The markers will initially be placed along the river path throughout Reno and Sparks, and will eventually run along the entire Truckee River.

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