Midtown Reno's growth triggers rent increase

As Midtown expands, businesses are flocking to the district. However, some businesses may be closing its door with the rise of rent.

Midtown Reno continues to expand following the economic downturn of recent years, but some businesses are leaving due to the rise in rent.

Some of the people behind Midtown businesses said they believe property owners are increasing the rent, forcing them out of the neighborhood.

"The rent increases are unfair," said Jared Isenberg, a tattoo artist at Aces Tattoo. "If you don't own your property, you're at the mercy of these people who own all this stuff."

One property owner disagreed.

"I find that humorous because we've been the largest supporters of small business," said Tim Carter, who owns several buildings in the Midtown district.

Carter told News 4 that rent has not increased for many shops for several years. He also said the tax increase from the November ballot has contributed to the rise in rent.

"You just need to look to the city tax department and look at the increase in property taxes," he said.

The price per square foot has doubled from a few years ago, from $1 to nearly $2, a rise that meets today's market rate, Carter said.

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