Medical marijuana generates more than $229,000 in Nevada sales tax

Medical marijuana has generated more than $229,000 in tax dollars for schools and health since dispensaries started operating legally in July 2015 (Photo: Pixabay / MGN)

Medical marijuana has generated more than $229,000 in sales taxes since it was legalized in Nevada in July, according to data from the state.

A 2 percent sales tax is applied to every sale a medical marijuana dispensary makes. Seventy-five percent of the revenue collected, or $171,949.19 total, has gone to an account for schools, while the remaining 25 percent, or $57,316.66, goes to the state health division, according to data from the Nevada Department of Taxation.

Will Adler, representative for the Nevada Medical Marijuana Association, told News 4 that at least two-thirds of legal marijuana sold in Nevada goes to out-of-state residents.

Nevada has a reciprocity law, which allows dispensaries to recognize marijuana cards from other states.

Adler said he believes the reciprocity law is fueling the state's medical marijuana industry and goes hand-in-hand with Nevada's tourism industry.

He added that Nevada could also be selling so much marijuana to people form out-of-state is that it's difficult to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada compared to other states.

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