Man accused of shooting golfer who accidentally hit his window

UPDATE 11:30 pm -- Reno Police have identified the man accused of shooting a golfer who broke a window in his home with an errant golf ball.

53-year-old Jeff Fleming is charged with one count each of battery with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon. Both counts are felonies.

Police say it appears after the window was broken, Fleming exited his home with a shotgun and during the ensuing argument, fired at one of the golfers, striking him.

The 33-year-old victim was treated at a local hospital and released. His name has not been released.

News 4 spoke with neighbors and golfers and they say it's hard to understand these types of incidents.

"I was completely and utterly shocked," Robert Doulgas a resident near Lakeridge Golf Course says.

After the shooting Thursday afternoon Douglas says he feels uneasy in his own neighborhood.

"We moved here, because we wanted to be in a family oriented city and Reno is known for that and to find out someone is shooting at somebody on a golf course I think is horrifying," Douglas says.

According to Reno police Fleming started an argument with two golfers on the 16th hole after one hit his house with a golf ball and broke a window.

Fleming is accused of coming out of his house with a shotgun and at some point in the argument fired once at the golfers hitting one of them.

"Based off of some of the golfers we've seen around here today yea I think it's a pretty common thing to hit into houses that are pretty close to a course like here at Lakeridge so I mean I think buying a house on the course you got to be prepared for golf balls to come into your property," golfer Dan Dooley says.

Police say Fleming fled his house on Wycliffe Circle before they arrived on scene.

He later taken into custody without incident after police found him at this attorney's office.

The golf course stayed open the 16th hole was closed until about by 6 p.m. after the police investigation was over.

"We heard about is as we were getting on the golf course so we weren't going to change out plans once we were here," Dooley says. "I think it's pretty uncommon to have a shooting on a golf course so we decided to still come out and play."

This isn't the only shooting at Lakeridge Golf Course. A labrador Retriever Mix was shot and killed on the 18th hole back in 2009.

"These kids also run around and play on the golf course you know so it's pretty frightening," Douglas says. "I just think it's completely unacceptable that anybody would discharge a weapon in a neighborhood."

5:50pm - According to police on the scene, a golfer accidentally hit a golf ball through a man's window at 6144 Wycliff Rd. The man whose window it was then shot at him with a shotgun, but only grazed him in the arm with a shotgun pellet. The man did not have to be hospitalized and REMSA treated him at the scene. No one else was hurt. The suspect fled from the scene before police got there.

The police surrounded the suspect's house, but he wasn't there. Police found him at his attorney, Larry Dunn's, office, where he turned himself in.

The suspect turned himself in to his attorney. He is currently in custody.

The area around the 16th hole was closed off, but is open now. The suspect's name has not been released. Police are waiting on a search warrant for the suspect's residence.

UPDATE: 5:48pm - The LakeRidge Golf Course is still open. An attendant at LakeRidge Golf Course says he didn't see police vehicles when he came into work.

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & -- Reno Police Department says they've received reports of shots being fired from one of the residences along LakeRidge Golf Course.

According to Commander Mac Venzon, the shots were reportedly shot at someone on the 16th hole.

Reno Police are on the scene investigating.