Local movie "Nowhere Nevada" receives awards

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- The independent movie "Nowhere Nevada" is generating a buzz and picking up awards. The movie was locally produced and features all of its talent, from the script, production, actors and actresses from northern Nevada.

"If you really look at our movie, you will notice there is a group effort to highlight the talent here in northern Nevada," Executive Producer Brian Sutherland said.

Even the location features northern Nevada, as well as the area's underground music and art scenes. The Wells Avenue bar Jub Jub's served as the movie's heart and central location. "At Jub Jub's, I've literally seen hundreds, if not thousands of bands every year come through these doors so our access to northern Nevada music was incredible," said Sutherland.

The film was a hit in San Francisco, taking Best Feature Film at the San Francisco Movie Festival, despite stiff competition. "They chose from 3,000 films and chose nine and of those nine, we totally won the best of them all," gushed Sutherland.

The movie also recently received accolades at an international Indie film festival in Hudson, Ohio. "To have won two awards within three days from communities outside of ours is very validating and satisfying," said Sutherland.

The movie's budget was under $100,000, and took more than two years to reach this point. It might be a while before you will have the chance to see it. Sunderland said it may be distributed internationally before it is available on DVD and providers, like Netflix.