Local martial arts school wins major awards

Reno, NV ( -- Amba Martial Arts, located at the North Valleys Regional Sports Complex, just opened in January of 2013 and is already dominating in the sport.

The school and students did extremely well at the World LEAGUE Finals Martial Arts Championships, and to their surprise, brought home numerous first and second place awards.

Amba Martial Arts owner and head instructor, Sensei Martin Amba, is proud of his student's success, and has also been recognized for his contributions to the martial arts league.

Sean Dumlao, President of The LEAGUE, formerly known as the Bay Area Sport Karate Association, said this about Sensei Amba and his school, "For Amba Martial Arts to come into our major championship and compete against many of the California martial arts dynasties and come away with as many wins as they did was quite a feat. I have been in this Sport for awhile and have never seen a Reno school accomplish what they did. The Amba's are true martial arts pioneers in our Sport."

Twelve of the thirteen Amba students finished first or second at the competition. Here are their results:

Christina Petty, 1st Pointsparring, 1st Traditional Kata
Jesleana Razo, 1st Pointsparring, 1st Traditional Kata, Overall Girl's Fighter of the Year
Emily ReidBarker, 1st Pointsparring
Bella Cullen, 2nd Pointsparring, 2nd Continuous Sparring, 1st Traditional Kata, Nevada Conference Competitor of the Year
Lucas Pleva, 1st Pointsparring, 1st Pointsparring by Weight
Maximo Torres, 1st Continuous Sparring
Cole Brandon, 2nd Traditional Kata
Blake Murphy, 1st Traditional Kata, 1st Open Forms, 1st Pointsparring by Weight
Diego Trigilio, 2nd Pointsparring
Alexandra Torres, 2nd Continuous Sparring
TJ Coulter, 2nd Pointsparring, 1st Continuous Sparring
Haleigh Hutsell, 2nd Pointsparring

For more information on this thriving school, you can visit their website at