Local boxer headed to Golden Gloves competition

Reno, NV ( -- A Northern Nevada boxer is going to try and make it back to back State Titles in the Golden Gloves. Reno fighter Alec McGee is in Las Vegas getting ready for the tournament.
The Hug High School senior won the Nevada State Title in his weight division in 2012 and then competed at the regionals and even the national semifinals. McGee says the discipline of boxing is something that has changed his life. He tells us, "It takes a lot of passion, a lot of dedication, waking up every day at 5AM to go run, it weighs on you especially trying to keep your grades up. It takes a lot of discipline to do my sport and I'm happy to do it."
Update: Alec McGee is the Nevada Golden Gloves Champion at 114 pounds. Alec won by walkover today (February 16th) in Las Vegas. Nobody wanted to fight him. The Hug High School senior now heads to the regional competition and will have a chance at nationals.