Hit and run investigation still pending, unclear if woman will face charges

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) - A woman has turned herself in following the hit and run in South Meadows that put one man in a coma two weeks ago. Police say the unidentified female admitted to being the driver involved in the incident near Wilbur May Parkway.

"Never leave the scene of an accident because it doesn't do anybody any good and it's going to look that much worse on people," said Officer Tim Broadway with the Reno Police Department.

Broadway says the woman went to the Reno Police Department Wednesday afternoon and told detectives she was the driver of the silver SUV that put a man in the hospital two weeks ago.

"Right now they're getting that statement, all the evidence from the scene," said Broadway. "We've located the vehicle as well, putting everything together to submit to the district attorney's office."

The woman has not been arrested because the investigation is still ongoing. There's also no word if she will face any charges, but Broadway says there is a possibility.

"Oh yeah absolutely, there is definitely charges she could face," said Broadway. "Depending on her statement, the evidence from the vehicle, obviously leaving the scene of the accident, and causing serious injury."

Broadway says her name is not being released at this time, but says she is cooperating with law enforcement.

"She has secured legal representation, so at this point I can't speak with any knowledge of what exactly she did tell officers," said Broadway.

The victim of the May 8th hit and run is 25-year-old Gabriel Kennedy. According to his family's Facebook page he is showing progress. He squeezed his mother's hand Wednesday night. Renown officials emailed News 4 a statement from the family that says:

"We are relieved that the person has stepped forward, and we are thankful we can begin the process of healing as a family and getting continuing care for Gabe. Thank you to the community and to all our friends and family who have been supportive. we are grateful for their prayers and their involvement."

And according to Renown officials, Gabriel is currently in stable condition.

Police say the investigation of the hit and run is still pending and it's unclear when it will be submitted to the district attorney's office. And although the unidentified female driver has not been charged with anything, police say they are not actively looking for anyone else involved or other vehicles.