Group wants UNR to be smoke free.

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- The University of Nevada may become a smoke-free campus soon.

It's been a grassroots effort at the Reno campus to implement a tobacco policy, but a representative of the University says they want full support of the smoking ban before moving forward.

Cigarette butts and smoke may soon be a thing of the past, as students and faculty discuss a tobacco ban on campus.

UNR Health Promotions Program Coordinator Edin Jennings is helping the spearhead the initiative. She said, "We're looking for support from different groups on campus."

The Faculty Senate and Graduate Student Association is already on board with the smoking ban, but Jennings says they are waiting to get support from the Associated Students of University of Nevada, which represents undergraduates. "We're working through, gathering support, and getting education out about what a tobacco policy could mean for our campus and our community."

They are following the lead of other campuses that have banned tobacco. They have found it helps curbs smoking. "When you implement a policy, you encourage people to quit using tobacco, and you provide cessation opportunities, you can generally stop the progression from casual smoking to progressive smoking," Jennings said. "There's lots of health benefits in terms of use."

According to a UNR student health survey, 85% of students on campus do not use tobacco. Student Austin Mathias thinks a smoking ban is a great idea. "It'll make the campus more healthy. It sucks when you walk behind someone with a cigarette, and you're coughing the whole time."

Others consider those on campus who do smoke, and would oppose the ban. "Maybe if we had smoke zones, instead of the entire campus being you can't smoke in," said student Bennett Lovaas. "I think if you make it entirely smoke free, it'll hurt a lot of people in the long run."

Before any decisions are made, the University wants all groups on board. "We're waiting to move forward with an announcement of a policy," Jennings said. "Until we get support from everybody on campus, it's something we can be proud of if we all move forward as a collaborative."

The proposed smoking ban would include visitors on campus, but it is not clear if it would also apply to sporting events at UNR.