Governor's office: Too late for Sandoval to stop Scott Dozier execution

Killer Scott Dozier was scheduled to be executed Tuesday night, but a judge stayed the execution last week.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada delivered a petition on Monday urging Governor Sandoval to halt stop the upcoming execution of murderer Scott Dozier, initially scheduled for Tuesday night.

The petition cited the untested lethal cocktail and the "de facto moratorium" on executions in the state.

But the petition, which garnered over 600 signatures, begs the question: Can the Governor unilaterally stop the execution?

Mike Willden, Sandoval's chief of staff, told News 4-Fox 11 that he believes it's too late for Sandoval to move to halt the execution.

"Many people believe the Governor can just hold up the stop sign and say 'stop.' The governor, we don't believe, has the power to do that," Willden said.

Under Nevada state law, the chief executive can intervene 60 days after a conviction to free an inmate, but Dozier was convicted a decade ago.

"It's our understanding that the Governor's opportunity has passed."

Another possible route is the Nevada Board of Pardons, made up of the Governor, Supreme Court Justices and the Attorney General.

But an inmate has to apply for a pardon after exhausting all other appeals — Dozier has voluntarily waived his appeals and maintains he wants to die.

Willden said the only way the execution can be stopped now, aside from Dozier having a change of heart, is through the court system.

A Clark County district court judge has already stayed the execution, forcing the issue to the state Supreme Court.

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