Flu-related deaths in Washoe County now up to 19

Image: MGN Online

There are now 19 flu-related deaths confirmed in Washoe County for the 2017-18 season, according to data provided by the county's Health District. Last flu season Washoe County saw eight deaths, and the season before that three deaths.

More than 4,000 cases have been confirmed in Washoe County, with 428 of those resulting in hospitalization.

Of those hospitalized, 172 people had been vaccinated at least two weeks before the onset of illness.

Health District officials say flu activity has been going down over the past few weeks, but last week the numbers began to creep up.

Washoe County Health District officials say they are preparing for the flu season to possibly peak a second time, after first peaking several weeks ago.

They say they've seen the number of flu cases and flu-like illnesses on a steady decline over the last month, but the latest reading shows the numbers beginning to tick up again.

Dr. Randall Todd with the Washoe County Health District is reminding people to stay home for work or school if they have the flu. He adds Washoe County could see a second peak with a different strain of flu.

There are still about 15 weeks left in this flu season.

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