Family describes narrowly escaping Winnemucca Ranch Fire before it burned their home

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The Winnemucca Ranch Fire certainly isn't the largest wildfire currently burning in Northern Nevada, but it has been the most destructive incident this week. On Wednesday, the fire destroyed one family's home of nearly 37 years.

The McGuires have lived in Palomino Valley since 1980. They own 40 acres at the intersection of Amy and Pony Springs Roads.

They said they've survived several fires in Spanish Springs over the years, but the Winnemucca Ranch Fire came too close to their home too fast to defend.

Sue McGuire said she and her husband barely got two hours of sleep on Tuesday night as they monitored the flames, wondering if they would need to evacuate.

On Wednesday morning, Sue said she was watching firefighters pushing flames away from their home-- until the wind shifted. Sue said the flames "came so fast it was just like a wall of fire." There were no firefighters nearby to immediately defend their property.

They evacuated as quickly as they could. Ken McGuire said he could see flames beside his truck as they were leaving their property. If the McGuire's waited much longer, they might not have made it out alive.

The McGuires had several houses on their 40-acre property. One of those homes burned along with five sheds, two trailers, one truck, and a motorcycle.

Most of their family photos and treasured items are now ash. Both Sue and Ken wiped tears from their eyes as they described everything they lost.

Their sons and grandkids lived in some of the structures on their property. Their son, Arnold lost his home to the flames as well.

But it's not their material items the McGuire's need most after losing their home. They left all of their medication behind. Ken is diabetic and needs his medicine daily.

The Red Cross is currently assisting the McGuires to place them in temporary housing and get their prescriptions filled.

The McGuire's said they haven't had reliable cell service on their property since Monday, so they did not receive any sort of alerts to evacuate.

To learn more about evacuations and firefighting efforts to combat the Winnemucca Ranch Fire, CLICK HERE.

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