Elko Sheriff's Deputy Reassigned

Reno, NV-- (KRNV and A veteran Elko County Sheriff's deputy has been reassigned to a desk job following accusations that he stalked and harassed a man in Jackpot, Nevada.

Dep. Brad Hester will now work at a desk job in Elko pending an internal investigation, Sheriff James Pitts said Friday.

Richard Pike of Jackpot says Dep. Hester has publicly accused him of being "one of the biggest 'potheads' in town... and that [Pike] was dealing extacy [sic] to children"... according to court documents Pike filed in pursuit of a temporary restraining order against the deputy. Pike also said "consistent stalking" had left him "under constant duress and fear for the welfare of my children and myself."

Pike says Hester even conducted an unauthorized search of his workplace-- the Jackpot Recreation Center-- in an unsuccessful search for drugs. At a court hearing, a judge agreed to extend the temporary restraining order, and also agreed that Hester's search of the premises was unauthorized because he did not have a search warrant, did not file a report and did not officially submit or share information about the search.

Pike says Hester has also driven by his Jackpot home numerous times, staring at him and his family. Neighbors also testified that they had seen Hester up to five times a day, driving slowly by the home. The judge also ordered Dep. Hester to stay away from Pike, his family and Pike's home in Jackpot.

The internal investigation being conducted by the Sheriff's office is expected to last about two months.