Dog enters house, kills dog & injures another

FERNLEY, Nev. (KRNV & -- Bite wounds riddle Snowball's body. A reminder of the shock the Pomeranian and her owner Katy McDaniel endured just hours before.

"She's got a pretty good puncture wound on her side," said McDaniel, "I had to clean that up."

McDaniel said her nightmare began Wednesday evening when she stepped out of her house on Aspen Way to check her mail. That's when, she said, a dog she doesn't know started attacking her.

"The dog was coming at me and so I just stomped my foot and said no, stop."

She said that's when the dog bolted into her house, and went straight for her Pomeranian, Foxy.

"Picked her up and started throwing her around," she said. "She was just covered in blood."

McDaniel said she was able to get the dog away from her, but it was too late, Foxy was already dead.

"It took Snowball into the bedroom, back behind the bed, and was shaking her."

So she said she grabbed a gun, and shot the dog, that she described as a Pit Mix, and held it down until animal control and police arrived.

"It was like oh my god, I just can't believe it happened."

Remarkably, besides a few bite wounds, Snowball is doing fine. But McDaniel said Foxy's death should serve as a reminder to other dog owners.

"Don't let your dog run loose, put a tag on them, a collar."

Fernley Animal Control said that the Lyon County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating the dog and the attack. They would not provide any further comment on the condition of the dog.