Dayton students speak out about controversial photo assignment

DAYTON, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- Students from Dayton High School are angry about the temporary leave of their teacher, Ms. Elizabeth Clausen. She assigned them a controversial picture and asked them to form opinions about how it represents our nation's history.

"The way that everyone is looking at this situation, they don't know the context of what's going on and they don't know that we're just forming our own opinion, we're not being told what to think," said Cameron George, one of Ms. Clausen's students.

The HR Director for the Lyon County School District said that they will conduct interviews from everyone involved and investigate the motives behind this picture.

"Nobody's listening to what the juniors have to say," said Felicia Dukek, another student of Ms. Clausen. "We're the ones that are in the class everyday, we're the ones that took that final and then... parents' opinions are irrelevant...They have nothing to do with it."

The district asked Clausen not to speak out about the assignment. As of right now, the students don't know when, or if, their teacher will return.

"She's a good teacher, she knows how to get us involved and I didn't know teaching was a crime," said Dylan Torgerson, a student of Ms. Clausen.

The students have created a hashtag for their teacher (#FREECLAUSEN) that has been trending on social media.