Couple claims they got through security at Reno Events Center with two loaded guns


A local couple claims they got through a security checkpoint at the Reno Events Center while carrying two loaded guns.

Justin and Domonique Bailey were attending a basketball game on a Friday, February 3. They both have their Concealed Weapons Permits (CCW) and they said they were shocked when security officers at the entrance to the Events Center didn't find their handguns.

"As you're getting in line, it's a big rush," Domonique described security measures as she entered the events center. When the couple saw people checking bags, they guessed security agents would ask them to leave their guns in their car.

As they moved toward the security checkpoints, Justin was carrying a full metal pistol on his hip and Domonique had her handgun in her purse.

Domonique stepped up to the bag checking station. "[The security agent] says, 'You need to put your purse down here and I need to open anything and everything that has a zipper.'"

She said the security agent poked around her purse and opened some of the compartments. Domonique volunteered to open a center zipper, but "she says, 'No. You're good.'" She said the agent failed to unzip several pockets, one of which had her handgun in it.

The Baileys moved to the next security checkpoint, where agents were using metal detection wands. They said security officers ran the wands right past their weapons, but the detectors never made a loud sound. Domonique said, "I don't know if the level was set so low that it basically glitched on everything."

Justin said one of the agents even "briefly patted down my chest and he did touch my legs," but the security officer never detected the pistol stored in a holster on his belt.

It wasn't until the Baileys were leaving the Reno Events Center that they noticed a sign saying weapons were not allowed and realized security had missed their guns. Dominique said, "If it was that easy [for us to get in], then what's a bad guy gonna be able to get through?"

The couple said they reached out to a staff member at the Reno Events Center as well as ESI Security, the company hired to check people as they came through the door.

Domonique said, "We didn't reach out and want to get people in trouble. We said, 'Hey listen, you know, maybe we'll help. We can let you know what happened. It might be just a training issue. You might have just had a new person or whatever else but this is pretty serious in the day and time we live in.'"

After they reported the incident, the Baileys said they never heard back from ESI CEO Mike Hendi; but then, they saw him on News 4 last week. In that interview, Hendi said, "A balanced security, well-thought-out security plan is essential for any event."

The Baileys said they didn't plan on publicizing their story until they saw Hendi on television. Domonique said, "This CEO claims that they do all kinds of training."

So the Baileys decided to share their experience in hopes of helping strengthen security measures at local events.

"If you're gonna frisk, if you're going to check, if you're gonna wand, if you're gonna asked to check bags and open zippers," Domonique said, "then do it. Otherwise, what's the point?"

News 4-Fox 11 staff made several calls to the ESI CEO Mike Hendi over the past week to see if he is looking into the Baileys' complaint, but never get a response.

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