Convicted sex offender gets reduced sentence

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- News 4 has just obtained new documents in what some say is an unusual move: the re-sentencing of a convicted sex offender.

Washoe County Judge Brent Adams handed down a new sentence today in the case against Isaac Onsurez. It was originally supposed to be 10 years in prison as part of a plea deal. Now it is just one year in jail.

All day, News 4 has been trying to piece together why the change happened. The new sentence changed to one year in the Washoe County Jail, with five years probation. Issac Onsurez, 69, was accused of lewdness with a minor under the age of 14. The victim was his step-granddaughter.

She revealed the sexual abuse 12 years after it happened. Prosecutors say the abuse started when she was about six years old.

"And that's why we are disappointed and surprised," said Washoe County Deputy District Attorney Shannon Bryant. "I don't have an explanation for why the Judge ruled the way he did."

In court on Wednesday, Judge Adams blamed the recording of Onsurez's sentencing on a clerical error, stating the signed copy of the original sentencing should have never been filed. Also in court, the Judge said due to a doctor's observations, Onsurez is at low-risk for re-offending.

In a document sent to News 4 by the District Attorney's Office, the victim estimated the sexual acts happened more than 100 times. The statement reflects a conversation between Onsurez and a detective, where he said "I'm not going to blame her, you know, completely. But she was a curiosity child that wanted sex."

After another question from the detective, Onsurez said, "Yeah, she wanted it."

"Even if you think justice has not been served, this is the kind of thing that cannot be kept secret, and allowed to go on any further," said the victim's father, Laurence. "This has to stop."

Judge Adams would not go on camera to explain the change in sentencing, but provided this note to News 4 on Wednesday. It says he cannot publicly comment on the case.

In court documents, News 4 was able to obtain the December plea agreement, where everyone agreed to a minimum of 10 years with no parole until after time served. Then in sentencing last week, we have a transcript where everyone agreed to these terms again. The next morning, we have the order with the 10-year minimum.

Then two hours later, this order rescinding the agreement.

The defense attorney involved would not comment to explain the change.