Carson City Sheriff warns residents of money scam

CARSON CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- The Carson City Sheriff's Office is warning residents of a dangerous scam. They say a man is posing as a Lieutenant is contacting people to tell them that they will go to jail, unless they pay for traffic tickets.

According to Carson City deputies, the man is and identifying himself as "Lt. Steven Mills or Neils" with the Carson City Sheriff's Office, or the Ormsby County Sheriff's Office.

He tells individuals that they have bench warrants for their arrest, due to speeding tickets that were captured by a traffic camera. The Sheriff's Office does not use traffic cameras, and they do not make phone calls to individuals to collect money for traffic warrants.

The victim is instructed to pay the fine utilizing a MoneyPak credit card. They are told that if they do not pay, he will come to their home and arrest them.

The Carson City Sheriff's Office has received several reports of this scam. In one case, a person did fall victim to the scam, and was taken for $500.

If you have received a similar phone call, report it to Carson City Sheriff's Office Dispatch at (775) 887-2011.