Carson City native describes his experience with Hurricane Harvey

Carson City native describes his experience with Hurricane Harvey

23-year-old Jacob Hansen moved to League City, Texas just one month ago.

The Carson City native was ready to start a new chapter of his life with a clean slate. Little did he know, he would be stuck in the middle of a catastrophic hurricane just a short time later.

Hansen and a coworker were coming home from work in mid-Texas shortly after 2 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 27. The two men were aware of the storm, but thought they'd be able to make it home safely. Hours later, they eventually made it home safely, however, it was not an easy commute.

The men were approximately six miles away from home when they were forced to get out of their vehicle due to extreme floodwaters. The only way home was by foot. Hansen said at times flood waters were at least 4 feet deep, but both of them knew they had to make it home to ensure everyone else was accounted for and safe.

Hansen described the support and rescue efforts in Texas as amazing and surreal, stating that absolutely everyone is helping one another.

He remains in contact with his family in northern Nevada and wants to remind them he is safe and loves them.

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