Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof announces state senate bid

MOUND HOUSE, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) -- Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof announced he's making a bid for a seat in the state senate. Hof seems to always be in the spotlight with his brothels and working girls, but he says he's very serious about running this year.

"I'm a common sense guy, my business did real well during the recession and I expanded, I never laid off one employee, I think I could do a good job, if I could get into office, I think I could do a good job."

Hof known for his legal brothels throughout the Silver State, including the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch says it's time for a businessman to take a seat in the state senate.

"What I bring to the table is that I'm not a politician, I am not a political appointee, I am not a lifelong politician that is going to make decisions hoping to get his job back and keep making money that way, I've already made my money, I don't need that at all, I'm a businessman."

Hof announced on Friday he will run as a Libertarian for the state senate seat being vacated by Greg Brower. Brower announced in September that he will not seek re-election. Originally, Hof planned on running for U.S. Senate, but changed his mind.

"You know I wanted to run for U.S. Senate in Harry Reid's spot, I thought it would be a great get even to take his seat after he tried to ban our business, but I just couldn't come up with the 5 to 10 million dollars without the special interest groups and I have no interest in them at all."

Hof says one reason he wanted to join the state senate race, taxes. And he also says one of the biggest problems with the Nevada senate, the lack of business knowledge.

"You've got a senate that passed the largest tax increase in Nevada's history, besides Michele Fiore, only two that I know of ever wrote a paycheck, they don't understand business, they don't get it."

So if Hof is elected, what are his top priorities? He says Nevada's education system as well as sex trafficking.

"Nevada has the worst sex trafficking in America and the worst schools in America, it's time for a change."

Hof will be going up against former assemblywoman Heidi Gansert who already announced a bid to replace Brower. Republican Brower represents Senate District 15, which covers part of Washoe County. A democrat has not announced his or her candidacy for the race.
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