Carson City library books destroyed after they're found contaminated with bedbugs

Carson City Library Director Sena Loyd holds a book infested with bedbugs Friday, April 21, 2017. Five books had to be destroyed and library equipment extensively cleaned after bedbugs were found in several returned items last week. Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Photo Source

Five library books were removed from the Carson City Library and destroyed after staff found them contaminated with bedbugs.

Library Director Sena Loyd said a patron returned the books and a staff member learned within ten minutes they were filled with the bugs.

Precautionary procedures were immediately taken. The five books were heated and destroyed. All the books surrounding it in the bin were quarantined, then placed in black bags and inspected.

Thirty-four books will remain quarantined and treated with heat for precaution.

Loyd said the public has nothing to worry about.

"Every single one of these books, when brought back into here by this order, is checked by staff," she said. "Then put on carts to be shelved. At that point, we will be able to identify if they were contaminated."

Dustin Boothe, Division Manager for Carson City, said, "Bedbugs are traveling bugs. We get them through our travels. As we travel, we want to make sure we don't bring them back home."

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