Ask Joe: Why is Contractor Still Watering During Daytime Hours ?

From the Ask Joe File more questions about watering near the new Meadowood Mall Interchange.
Christine R. wrote in saying "On June 4th you discussed daytime watering along I-580. Just wanted to let you know on July 15th, which was Monday, at 3:15 in the afternoon the sprinklers were going full force near the new Meadowood Interchange. Is that allowed ?"

First of all, thanks Christine for paying such close attention !

The area we're talking about includes the on and off ramps to the new I-580 Interchange in Reno. As we reported last time, the contractor was warned not to water during the middle of the day.
After my last story aired on June 4th, the contractor, Meadow Valley Construction, went to TMWA and received an exemption, so they are now allowed to water anytime during the day because they have new plants and grass. I confirmed this with Andy Gephart over at TMWA as well.
So if you see the sprinklers on during the heat of the day near the freeway, It is okay. That exemption is good until early August.

Another issue that is cropping up is the weeds. Scott Magruder over at NDOT says they have talked to the contractor about that and the issue is being addressed to cut down on the weeds along the new freeway interchange, so that water isn't wasted on irrigating unwanted weeds.