Ask Joe: Who paid for the First Lady's birthday party ?

From the Ask Joe file one of our viewers has a question about a birthday party for the First Lady Michelle Obama and the finances involved.
Nancy wrote in asking how much did Michelle Obama's birthday bash cost the taxpayers, or did the Obamas foot the bill ?

The First Lady turned 50 years old on Friday, January 17th, 2014.
Over the weekend the President reportedly threw her a birthday bash which included 500 guests and some big names like Beyonce and Stevie Wonder. The party in the East Room of the White House lasted until the early hours of Sunday morning. The media was not allowed to attend but some of the guests have leaked details about the party.
And we're told the Obama's picked up the tab for the event.
In addition the first lady also spent some extra time in Hawaii earlier this month as a birthday present from her husband.
According to one white house reporter slash blogger, the travel and secret service costs for that trip are estimated by some reports to be as high as $200,000 and the white house admitted that taxpayers are footing the bill for that trip.
White house press secretary Jay Carney told reporters last week, as with all personal travel, the first family will appropriately fund personal expenses.
So the Obama's paid for the party. Taxpayers paid for a good chunk of her travel.