Ask Joe: Whittemore case status

From the Ask Joe file, one of our viewers has a question about the Harvey Whittemore case involving illegal campaign contributions.
Our viewer, who identified himself as Mr. Bayer, wrote in saying he saw that the McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission case was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. He wants to know how this will impact Harvey Whittemore's conviction.

We are still waiting to hear what the impact of that ruling will be.
To bring you up to date, Whittemore was convicted last year of making illegal contributions to Senator Harry Reid's re-election campaign and sentenced to two years in prison.
His attorney's appealed, based on the McCutcheon case which deals with campaign contributions, and Judge Larry Hicks agreed Whittemore would not have to begin serving his prison sentence until his appeal has been decided.
The McCutcheon ruling came down April 2, and the U.S. Attorney's office at that time claimed the ruling did not even impact Whittemore's case. They asked the judge to go ahead and order Whittemore to begin serving his sentence.
Fast forward to this week, Whittemore's lawyers have urged the judge to ignore that request and wait for the appeal to be heard.
So that's where it all stands. The U.S. Attorney's office can now respond to the latest request by Whittemore's lawyers.
In the meantime, Whittemore remains free pending his appeal.