Ask Joe: What will happen to the fish at Trader Dicks?

From the Ask Joe file with the ownership change at John Ascuaga's Nugget, one of our viewers has a question about some of the "residents" there.
Dirk Spaldo wrote in asking what is going to happen with all the fish in that giant tank at Trader Dicks when they close ?

I checked with the folks over at the Nugget about this. Those fish will be getting a new home over at Scheels, the sporting goods store in Sparks.
Lauren Garber, who works in public relations for the Nugget, tells me the fish will be quarantined for a bit before joining the Scheels fish. The aquarium has been at Trader Dicks since 1988. It has housed up to 100 fish at one time, including a baby shark that grew and had to be shipped out after it started feasting on the other fish, at about $600 a meal. At the time it was installed it was the largest non-museum aquarium in the West.

Of course all good things come to an end and with the new ownership Trader Dicks will be transformed into a Gilley's country western bar and dance hall, not the best fit for an aquarium but you'll still be able to enjoy the fish as they will be on display at their new home in Scheels very soon.