Ask Joe: Stolen Animal

From the Ask Joe file one of our viewers has a question about getting to the bottom of a stolen animal case.
John Jansen has stopped by the station several times . He says his dog was stolen out of his car in a store parking lot and he can't get anyone to investigate. He filed a complaint and even mentioned in the complaint who he thinks did it. But there's been no investigation so far.
His question is who handles these cases?

I checked with the Reno Police Department since John filed a complaint with RPD. Reno Police told me these cases are handled by Washoe County's Animal Control Division.
But when I checked with animal control, they told me since there was vandalism involved and destruction of property with the car break-in, that it is actually Reno Police who need to handle this case.
So back to RPD, they looked up the complaint that was filed back by John in May. Nine months later no one had looked into it.
So Lt. Bill Rulla at RPD told me they will now assign an officer to look into the case and at least go talk to the suspect. Whether there's enough evidence to prove who took the dog remains to be seen.
Keep in mind police get very busy, they have a lot of cases to handle but the bottom line is if you file a complaint police are supposed to look into and you should get a response.
It looks like that is happening now that we called and asked about it.