Ask Joe: Moth infestation?

From the Ask Joe file, one of our viewers has a question about an increase in a certain type of visitor this summer.
Jennifer wrote in to ask why we are having such a big moth infestation in Lemmon Valley at dusk?

We have heard several people mention the increase. Many people have mentioned that moths seem to be more of a problem this year and are eating peoples' clothes in their closets.
Joe checked with Jeff Knight at the Nevada Department of Agriculture, who said they are receiving a lot of inquiries lately. It may be, in part, because of the mild winter and drought.
The culprit is the Army Cutworm Moth. Experts said these moths are not a threat to gardens or crops, so that is some good news. Instead, they feed on nectar and pollen. They are attracted to bright lights, so experts recommend you install yellow or amber colored lights to make your backyard or home less attractive to the moths.
Also, there are a number of different color variations. So, you might think you are seeing different kinds of moths, but it's probably just one variety.