Ask Joe: Mackay Stadium renovations on the way?

From the 'Ask Joe' file -- one of our viewers has a question about some remodeling that could be in the works at Mackay stadium, the home of the Nevada Wolf Pack. Nick Durst wrote in saying he is wondering if the University of Nevada is still renovating Mackay Stadium before the 2014 home opener and, if they are, he would like to know what is the progress on the project?

Joe checked with Wolf Pack spokesman Chad Hartley. He said some renovations are in the works, but they are still in the planning stages. The University is hoping to renovate Mackay stadium after this upcoming season, before the 2015 season; but they still have to finalize the plans, secure funding, and get approval from the Board of Regents before moving forward.

As far as what they are hoping to accomplish, Hartley says the primary goals are to widen the aisles and install handrails on the west side of the stadium.

They also want to replace the old bench seating on the west side with chair backs and create an open air suite area on the concourse level. According to the University, all of the improvements are geared toward improving access and enhancing the fan experience. But again, nothing will happen until after this upcoming football season.