Ask Joe: Is neighborhood car repair business legal?


From the Ask Joe file, some Fernley residents are upset about what has been happening in their neighborhood recently, and they turned to us for some help.

Linda Fisher wrote in saying her neighbors have been operating a car repair business out of their homes, and there are several broken down vehicles and trailers parked on the street. Linda said they have contacted the sheriff's office numerous times, but they have not taken action. She wants to know if we can help?


Linda lives on Emigrant Way in Fernley, and other viewers sent in some photos showing several cars being worked on, and a trailer parked nearby. The photos show the work happening during the day and nighttime hours.

Joe checked with Fernley City Manager Chris Good. He said they do have one code enforcement worker on staff, and this issue is being addressed.

In this case, Good said it is a clear violation. The residents do not have a business license, and he said you are not allowed to operate this kind of business in a residential neighborhood in Fernley.

Joe spoke with Chris Good on Friday, and our viewer said by Friday night, most of the cars were gone and things had been cleaned up. Let's hope it stays that way.