Ask Joe: Did others get to bid on Reno's payroll project ?

From the Ask Joe File one of our viewers has a question about the city of Reno's new payroll system that launched this week.
Fred in Reno wrote in asking how many other companies besides ADP bid on the one million dollar payroll contract ?

What I found out is ADP was the only company that bid on the project. Typically these projects have to be awarded to the low bidder but in this case there's a state law that allows a contract to be awarded without going through a bidding process if other cities or the state have already awarded a contract to that company. In this case, ADP has worked with dozens of other cities and Reno hired ADP under what is known as a cooperative purchase network. By doing so, Reno did not have to put the contract out to bid.
There was also another contract that was paid out for $220,000 to Aerotek Corporation for project management services until ADP is up and running. The city did not have to put that contract out to bid because it is for "professional services". Basically that's a specialty category that is exempt from the typical bidding process.
So no other companies had a chance to bid on this payroll project even though we're talking about more than million of your tax dollars up for grabs.
By the way ADP printed up the first paychecks on Friday, September 13th.
City officials tell us so far, so good with the new system.