Ask Joe: What was the white residue left behind after the storm?

From the Ask Joe file, one of our viewers has a question about the crazy weather from this past weekend.
Jim Wilson from Verdi wrote in saying this weekend's rain and hail storm left a big mess at their house. He wants to know what the gray and white residue is on their yard furniture and windows?

Joe and many of the News 4 staff had some of this same residue on their cars after the storm. Joe checked with Kelly Redmond at the Desert Research Institute. He is a regional climatologist with the Western Regional Climate Center.
He could not give a definitive answer, but his best guess is that the winds kicked up some playa dust into the skies and that dust came down with the rain on Saturday. When things dried out, a lot of us were left with that dusty residue.
Kelly said the winds were coming out of the West and North prior to the storm, so that makes it likely that is where that dust and residue came from. They haven't done any tests on it but as of today, that was the leading theory as to what caused that mess. The good news is one trip through the car wash and your vehicle should be back to normal.