Alcohol compliance checks performed at local bars

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- Detectives from the Regional Street Enforcement Team (SET) conducted an underage alcohol compliance operation at several local restaurants and bars which catered to customers of St. Patrick's Day activities on Monday.

The Street Enforcement Team also conducted compliance checks at local convenience stores, some of which were in response to citizen's complaints of selling alcohol to minors.

Two 19-year-old and two 20-year-old volunteers attempted to purchase alcohol at 19 different locations. Thirteen of those businesses refused to sell alcohol to the minors, while six sold alcohol to the minors.

The following locations were checked and passed the compliance check, by refusing to sell alcohol to the minors:
  • The Wolf Den located at 1305 N. Virginia St.
  • Ceol Irish Pub located at 538 S. Virginia St.
  • Filthy McNasty's located at 1718 Holcomb Blvd
  • Kahn & Sons located at 2005 Sierra Highlands Dr.
  • Royal Market located at 6380 Mae Anne
  • Friend's Market located at 670 W. 4th St.
  • Quick Mart located at 501 W. 4th St.
  • Easy Mart located at 500 W. 2nd St.
  • Ryan's Saloon located at 924 S. Wells Ave.
  • Wonder Bar located at 1195 S. Wells Ave.
  • S.S. Smoke & Liquor located at 1475 S. Wells Ave.
  • Corrigans located at 1526 S. Wells Ave.
  • Rapscallion located at 1555 S. Wells Ave.
The following businesses failed the operation and were issued citation(s) for the listed charges:
  • Valley Market located at 505 Denslowe Dr. - Sales of alcohol to minor
  • Jackson's located at 910 Robb Dr. - Sales of alcohol to minor
  • El Tavern located at 1801 W. 4th St. - Sales of alcohol to minor
  • Pine Food & Spirits located at 190 S. Center St. - Sales of alcohol to minor
  • Shea's Tavern located at 715 S. Virginia St. - Sales of alcohol to minor and Allowing minor into saloon
  • Lucky's Saloon located at 1455 S. Wells Ave. - Sales of alcohol to minor and Allowing minor into saloon
The Reno Police Department would like to thank those businesses who passed this operation for their diligence in ensuring only individuals of legal age are sold alcohol. The citations of Serving Alcohol to a Minor and Allowing a Minor into a Saloon are both misdemeanors, with a pre-designated fine of $500.

In all alcohol compliance checks, the minors possessed their actual state-issued identifications, which clearly identified them as being under the age of 21. If asked by the employees for identification, the volunteers provided their real identification.