9 businesses fined for selling alcohol to minors

Reno, NV (KRNV & Reno police are reporting that, after an undercover alcohol compliance check the night of Friday, February 15th, 8 businesses were cited and 1 clerk arrested after selling alcohol to minors.

According to police reports on the operation, underage volunteers and police checked a total of 34 businesses.

The clerks at the following locations were cited for selling alcohol to an underage minor:

1. Jackson's located at 10585 Stead Blvd.

2. 7-11 located at 4997 S. McCarran Blvd.

3. Fireside Inn, located at 205 E. 4th St.

4. Shell located at 700 N. Sierra St.

5. Ace Liquor located at 142 W. 2nd St.

6. Wright Way Liquor located at 330 Evans St.

7. 7-11 located at 690 Booth St.

8. Jashan Market located at 436 N. Virginia St.

In addition, the clerk at the AM/PM located at 600 Kietzke Ln. was arrested. Police say it was because he "did not qualify for a citation."

The fine for selling alcohol to a minor is $500.

Police say that in the undercover operation, 74% of businesses tested complied with the law and did not serve minors. This is down from a similar operation in March of 2012, where 78% complied, and an operation in August 2012, where 91% followed the law.

Police also wanted to thank the following stores, which passed the test:

1.Winner's Corner located at 7695 S. Virginia St
2.Rainbow Market located at 7590 Colbert Ln
3.Scolari's Market located at 8165 S. Virginia St
4.AM/PM located at 6190 S. Virginia St
5.Town Food & Liquor located at 2640 S. Virginia St
6.Rainbow Market located at 1501 Vassar St
7.Sak 'N' Save Grocery located at 1000 E. Plumb Ln
8.Jackson's located at 2001 S. Virginia St
9.G Food and Liquor located at 6 E. 4th St
10.Silver Spur Liquor & Gifts located at 221 N. Virginia St
11.Silver Smoke &Liquor LLC located at 141 N. Virginia St
12.Nahar Food & Discount Liquor located at 600 S. Virginia St
13.Easy Market located at 500 W. 2nd St.
14.Winner's Corner located at 350 S. Arlington
15.Safeway Mini Mart located at 5150 Mae Anne Ave
16.AM/PM located at 2002 Sierra Highlands Dr
17.Royal Liquor and Smoke located at 6380 Mae Anne Ave
18.Raley's Mini Mart located at 1690 Robb Dr
19.7-11 located at 10170 N. McCarran
20.Jackson's located at 901 N. Virginia St
21.7-11 located at 1665 N. Virginia St
22.SG Food Mart located at 4410 N. Virginia St
23.Maverick located at 15 Panther Wy
24.7-11 located at 7500 N. Virginia St
25.Terrible's located 13900 Stead Blvd