4-lb. goldfish among non-natives invading Tahoe

RENO, Nev. (AP) -- Researchers at Lake Tahoe are raising new concerns about non-native, warm-water fish invading the mountain lake's chilly waters, including giant, minnow-gulping goldfish weighing as much as 4 pounds.

Studies in the mid-2000s prompted funding for a warm-water fish control program at the University of Nevada-Reno. Since the project began in 2011, scientists have removed thousands of fish, including about 90 goldfish, mostly on the south end of the lake around the Tahoe Keys.

The Reno Gazette-Journal reports it's not clear why the goldfish are populating near-shore regions in Tahoe, but some suspect it most likely is from aquarium dumping. The problem is they eat native minnows, one of the main sources of food for naturalized species, including Mackinaw and trout.