2014 Budget proposal would increase Veterans Affairs funding

(KRNV & Obama sent his 2014 budget proposal to Congress today, April 10, 2013.

While both Conservatives and Liberals are complaining that the budget doesn't do enough cutting, spending, or taxing, there is good news for our Veterans.

Many departments could face budget cuts, but the funding for the Department of Veteran Affairs would see an 8.5 percent increase in 2014 over the 2012 budget, if Congress agrees to pass this part of the President's budget as it is.

The total budget for Veterans Affairs would be about $66.5 billion, with the majority of the budget, $54.6 billion allocated to Veterans' medical care, including specialized care for women veterans, and another $1.4 billion to combat Veteran homelessness.

A major concern lately has been the department's efficiency when it comes to getting veterans the benefits they deserve in a timelier manner. In the proposed budget, $136 million dollars would be invested in a Veterans Claims Intake Program, to provide a faster and more accurate benefits claims process.

Here's the link to the entire 2014 budget proposal: