15 Days of Kindness unites students in local school

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Nev. (KRNV & -- Carson Valley Middle School in Douglas County is just about to wrap up a big campaign tomorrow aimed at creating a culture of kindness at their school. The campaign is called 15 Days of Kindness, and it is teaching lessons to these students that they will carry long after the 15 days.

The campaign started on Nov. 1 at Carson Valley Middle School. The idea was that 15 school days would be dedicated to proposing, rewarding and passing forward acts of kindness at the school and throughout the community.

The 15 Days of Kindness is organized and run mainly by students involved in the school group "Making a Difference." There are 120 students on the team who meet throughout the year to plan positive community building activities. Students say the program (now in its second year) is changing the school climate, one student at a time.

"Since we've had the program, we've been every year seeing less and less bullying and more positive attitudes, and just a better environment," says Making a Difference member Grace Gautereaux. "The 15 days of Kindness has influenced everyone. It's gotten through to people because once one person starts being kind, it will influence the next person and the next person."

Everyday, there's a different theme to remind students how they can support one another and spread kindness. There's a smiley sticker day, make a difference ribbon day, clean up campus day and many more. For kindness that moves outside the school, there's a canned food drive, letters to troops and community appreciation day.

Each student was also given a kindness card to register online and track where it goes worldwide. Because of these cards, the school is tracking the acts of kindness and offering rewards to students, but organizers believe the lessons being learned will continue long after the official 15 days are over.

"It's showing them how easy being kind can be, so that even without the rewards system, they have the skills that they can be put toward being kind without having to push them," says Making a Difference member Breanna Taylor.

The campaign has shown those that being kind should not be something to be ashamed of.

"A lot of the kids can be kind, they just need something to push them to help be kind because some of them are afraid friends are going to judge them," says Making a Difference member J.J. Carrillo.

The 15 Days of Kindess ends tomorrow with a teacher appreciation day and a wrap up of the food drive. If you want to learn more about these green kindness cards and how they work, log onto