101-year-old Veteran surprised with big check after home invasion

CARSON CITY, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- It has been a good week for 101-year-old veteran James Sorrentino of Carson City. It is a far cry from his Memorial Day weekend this year, when he and his caretaker were robbed at gunpoint in his home.

Earlier this week, the robbers were arraigned in court. Both pleaded guilty and face up to 35 years in prison.

On Friday, he was smiling from ear to ear during a surprise visit. Sorrentino did not know what to expect when his caretaker wheeled him out to meet some special guests.

The visitors were no one he has ever met before, but the group of veterans knew him and his story. They had a mission to right a wrong, and hoped to put a smile on his face.

"It felt like someone did it to one of our relatives," says Tim Galluzi of Western Nevada College Veterans Resource Center.

The group presented Sorrentino a large check for $1,000. An amount they know is not much and joked with Sorrentino, who said "It's nothing to sneeze at."

"It's not a lot of money what it is it's showing him that there is faith out there and people that want him to people aren't all bad," said Lead Organizer Bill Herron. "The community will step up for him."

Sorrentino said he was surprised. "I never expected anybody to [do] what this group has done. It feels good. Patriotism is still alive in this country."

The group stuck around to chat and soon let Sorrentino get back to his afternoon nap, but they left knowing they made his day. "It felt amazing seeing that smile on his face. Mission accomplished," said Galluzi.

The money donated to Sorrentino was raised during a poker run in June. It was a joint effort between Ed's Dog House, The Spoke Bar and Grill, and The Western Nevada College Veterans Resource Center.