100-year old Nevada ballot discovered

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & Gary Butrick collects antiques.

He was digging through a garage sale about 8-years ago when he found rare Nevada paperwork.

"Looked around there was this piece of paper, kind of ratty looking, stained, dirty, five dollars so I bought it," Butrick says.

That ratty looking, stained paper turned out to be a rare, blank 1912 Nevada ballot for the general election.

"Those types of early election ballots don't usually survive I mean they were usually destroyed or thrown away after an election," Carson Valley Museum curator Craig Hadley says.

Butrick loaned the ballot to the Carson Valley Museum where it's now on display.

The museum has copies of the ballot so you can cast your own vote and drop it into a ballot box much like you would have in

Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, incumbent William Taft and Eugene Debs were all up for president.

The 1912 election was the last time there was a four party election the different parties were democrats, republicans, progressives, and socialists.

"Electing Wilson ended up propelling us into WWI eventually and then of course the League of Nations which later became the United Nations," Hadley says.

Wilson ended up winning the election, because Roosevelt created the progressives, which split the republican vote.

In the midst of such an important election, News 4 asked Hadley how he would compare this election to the one 100-years ago.

"You have this split almost like you have in the republican party today. The tea party far right and a lot of the moderates being drowned out. So things that seem to be unique today are really not they come all the way back around like history normally does," Hadley says.

And to Hadley the biggest history lesson of all.

"This reminds us of just how important it is to stand up as Americans and cast your vote," Hadley says.