Sen. Orrin Hatch: 'I know who he’s considering;' talks Trump's pick for SCOTUS nominee

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - While he wouldn't reveal President Donald Trump's pick for the Supreme Court nominee, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R- Utah) said he's got a pretty good idea who made the cut.

“I’m quite sure I know who he’s considering,” Hatch told Sinclair Broadcast Group Friday morning after he had gavelled a pro forma session of the Senate, “I just met with him for over an hour a couple nights ago.”

Though declining to reveal the pick, he said the candidate will “be outstanding across the board, not on any particular one issue.”

“I think if people look at the person’s record and life, they’ll have to say ‘yeah, this is a good choice,” Hatch said.

With Friday’s anti-abortion rally on the National Mall, Hatch noted Trump’s selection for the high court “will be a good person who can certainly do a job far beyond that particular issue. “

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