Huffaker Student Named Class Act Award Winner

john langon.JPG

A sixth grade student is proving you can be a "class act" by showing amazing courage and giving others the gift of understanding.

As he high-fived friends along the way at Huffaker Elementary School, it was News 4's honor to surprise John Langon with our Class Act Award for the month of March.

John has an autism spectrum disorder known as Asperger's syndrome.

Recently, he spoke to both the boy scouts and his class about what's it's like to have autism.

He explained why his voice sounds different, how loud noises bother him, and why it is hard for him to read social cues, among other things.

John said he was happy to share his experiences with his classmates, so they can better understand the struggles associated with autism.

Congratulations to John Langon, News 4's Class Act Award winner!

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