WATCH: 'Star Wars' stormtrooper tries out for Texas police department

"Star Wars: Rogue One" (Photo: Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

These aren't the recruits you're looking for.

The Fort Worth, Texas, Police Department is inviting people to join the force, so it decided to reach out to the Force to scout new talent.

The department posted a video to Facebook of a stormtrooper from Star Wars taking a marksmanship test, only to repeatedly miss the target.

The supervising officer tells the recruit to stop jerking the trigger, but it isn't until he's about a foot from the target that the stormtrooper can actually hit it.

The video coincides with the upcoming release of "Rogue One," a new Star Wars movie about the secret plan to steal the designs for the Death Star.

Forth Worth Police appear to have an affinity for the Star Wars franchise. Another video posted on Dec. 3 shows Darth Vader getting grilled in an interview

If you are interested in joining Fort Worth PD - and you have better aim than a stormtrooper - visit The department is taking applications until Dec. 12.

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