Was Sparks Middle School Shooter a Victim of Bullying?

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & - On Monday October 21st a 12 year-old brought a gun to Sparks Middle School, he shot three and then himself. There are still many unanswered questions about the incident in an interview with the parents we tried to answer some of them.

Was Sparks Middle School Shooter a Victim of Bullying? And did that play a role in the tragedy? That's the question haunting our entire community two weeks after the shooting. And it's a question that haunts Jose's parents who sat down with us for an interview.

Jose Reyes Mandujano told us his son was depressed and it may have stemmed from some teasing his son endured at school because of a speech impediment.

"He mentioned strong words. One of the words was they were telling him he was gay. For a 12 year old kid those words are really strong and painful." Jose senior told News 4.

But Jose never complained or reported the teasing to his teachers as far as we know. His family says they did their best to keep an open line of communication with their son.

If there were strong warning signs, the dad says they didn't see them. "We always ask him how is it going at school. New teachers, new friends, and he was saying everything is fine."