Sun Valley woman fighting to fly American flag

SUN VALLEY, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- Americans across the nation woke Friday morning to raise their flags in support of their country.

But one Sun Valley woman is facing off against her local Homeowners' Association to keep her patriotism soaring.

Kathleen Legere has a small bucket list of two items. One is to put a flag pole in her front yard. She checked it off her list on Friday, but she will have to erase it and start over again.

"I'm an American and it's the Fourth of July. It seemed like a really good day to do this," said Legere.

After living in Sun Valley for nine years, Legere's home is complete. The Sparks woman has been eyeing a change to her front yard for quite some time: an American flag for the neighborhood to enjoy.

"I called the Homeowners' Assocation and mentioned what I was planning to do, and they said, 'Oh, how exciting.'"

The tree occupying the space was uprooted and a concrete base was built. Two days ago, she invited community board members to the flag-raising ceremony and the reaction changed.

"They said, 'You have to cease and desist, you can't do that. You don't...that hasn't been OK'd by the board and it probably won't be.'"

Legere said the Homeowners' Association told her she can only have a pole in the backyard, and it must be 16-feet-high or shorter. Hers is in the front, and stands around 20 feet.

"I decided to have the ceremony anyways since the pole is removable," said Legere. "We'll let it fly for the day and then take it down and I'm working on a petition which they recommended."

A petition she is already seeing support for. "The fourth of July, it's very important to me," said Eric Metzger. "It's all about showing our pride and our country, having a flag out in our front yard and being able to do that shows our freedom."

Board members could not be reached and the Highland Ranch Homeowners' Association is closed for the holiday.

Legere has been told she needs the entire neighborhood to sign the petition and raise the flag again. The next Homeowners' Association board meeting is in four days, and she said if she does not have the signatures by then, she will be ready for the next month.

After all, Legere said, she is patient.