School District Says Parent Who Was Arrested Had Threatened Employees

Tuesday Larry Dailey was arrested and taken to jail. It happened during our 5:00 newscast. The reason: a warning Dailey received on February 4th from Washoe County School Police telling him to stay away from the school district headquarters.
But why? Dailey told us yesterday he was baffled. And he says school police didn't seem to know either.

"I said why are you issuing this trespass order ? They said i don't know. Talk to legal," Dailey said.

The school district says Dailey made repeated and specific threats against school district staff and they say that's why they issued that trespass warning in February. On Wednesday when we asked for copies of police reports we were told there was nothing in writing.
Then Thursday afternoon News 4 received a copy of a police report from the Washoe County School District.
It described the interactions between Dailey and the Washoe County "senior director of student accounting".
The staff member said Dailey's voicemails were beginning to concern her. The report reads Dailey believed privacy laws were violated and he was not recieving sufficent answers, and he believed some answers may not have been written by the staff member who sent him an e-mail.
The report reads that Dailey told the staff member that she would be quote: "holding the bag" because of the situation.

Larry Dailey agrees he has lost his temper at times because of frustrations over the lack of attention to his daughter's special needs curriculum. But he says he has never threatened anyone.

"I think sometimes people feel threatened when their integrity is questioned. So when you ask somebody a tough question,
they will feel they are being threatened," Dailey told News 4.

Dailey says what he really wants now is to move past this issue and focus on his daughter's education.

"I would really like to see an apology. Lets drop it and shake hands," he said.

Once again, News 4 was told on Wednesday, by the school district that Dailey had made "significant and repeated threats against school district staff" as part of the reason for the original trespass warning. There does not appear to be any evidence of repeated threats documented in the police report, other than Dailey telling an employee they would be left "holding the bag." News 4 has requested copies of the voice messages left by Dailey with the school district.

Dailey is due in court in July on the trespassing charge.