RAW VIDEO: Inflatable slide flies sky high at Star Spangled Sparks celebration

SPARKS, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- A user sent us this 2-second video of an inflatable slide that took off in mid-air at the Star Spangled Sparks festivities at The Nugget Friday afternoon.

According to Nugget CEO Carlton Geer, at around 2:30, an inflatable slide that was part of the carnival at Star Spangled Sparks was swept away, due to a large wind gust. The slide went about 75-100 feet in the air, before it landed about 100 yards away near a parking structure.

The carnival was not open at the time and nobody was inside or on the slide when the wind took it away.

Three people were transported by REMSA to Renown. All three have been treated and released. Several others were treated for minor bruises and cuts.

The slide had just passed safety inspection when the incident occurred. The slide was taken off the property, and the carnival opened as planned.

Geer also reminded everyone if they bring tents to Star Spangled Sparks, be sure to tie them down, because it is windy.